Tuesday, October 20, 2009

**Celebration Challenge #3**

What would a Celebration be without CUPCAKES?!

That's right! I said CUPCAKES!!!

Your third challenge is to create a card or a LO
using a CUPCAKE!

Now, I know that several of you used a cupcake for the #2 challenge....
I couldn't help but laugh since I already had this challenge set-up to use a CUPCAKE!
So that means.... you have to stretch your creative minds a little further and
come up with another CUPCAKE creation!!! : )

If you have DS (Design Studio) or the GYPSY....
this would be the perfect time to create the

This is due Sunday, October 25th


  1. WHAT!!!!!No fair lol I just used a cupcake!!!!!Oh woe is me, oh woe is me OH WOE IS ME!!! sniff, sniff off to figure out what kinda cupcake I can do now!!!

  2. Does someone have a birthday soon? I last couple of challenges have been themed lately! LOL