Monday, October 19, 2009

** Good Question! **

All of us, at some point, run into a creative-block-wall..... you can't come up with any creative ideas for what you want to do.... nothing seems to look right when we put it together.... or my favorite, I'll go into my scrap room and sit down at my table and just stare at everything because nothing is coming to mind.....

it's frustrating, to say the least!


So here's the question I got.....

"Where do you go for creative inspiration when you've hit the block-wall?"

For me personally.... I have binders (& more binders! LOL) of sketches, stacks of magazines, photos of previous work, the internet..... all of these are things I turn to when I've gotten into this non-creative funk! Sometimes, I have to look thru stuff several times before anything really jumps out at me or inspires me! There are also times when absolutely nothing inspires me and I just have to walk away... it may be for a few hours or it may be for a few days.

The key is to not let it discourage you! It will come back!!! I promise! LOL

This is an excellent question and we would like for the rest of you to share what you do in this situation!


  1. My most effective strategy for overcoming scrappy-block is to reorganize my supplies. Not ALL of them, just enough of them to bring me back to the scrap-zone. I usually start with my baskets of embellishments as these are usually both the messiest and the most full of inspiration. If the baskets don't do it, I move on to another area in my scraproom. Usually this triggers inspiration but if it doesn't at least I get a clean space out of it!!!

  2. If I come to that point where nothing comes together how I planned it or want it to be and even looking through books and online isn´t helping I just leave the room and close the door for the rest of the day. Even if I sometimes feel some kind of "guilty" about it - crafting should be fun not a must. And most of times the next morning everything comes together by itself and the result is even prettier that I expected it to become.

  3. As far as me when I get to this point (which has been bad here lately) I turn to the internet. I visit blogs, I have tons of things bookmarked, visit the cricut mb and look thru the cards or layout sections. If nothing helps I walk out and close the door also and try coming back later. I agree it should be fun not stressful! I know one of the hardest times that I have is when I've been away from my scrapping toys for awhile (like when I was sick)it's soo hard to get started back it just seems like you forget how to do anything!

  4. I either reorganize to refresh my memory on what I have, browse challenge blogs, go to, and if none of that works I just walk away and go read or watch TV. I never want my hobby to become a burden you know?

  5. I start through the embellishment tote...if that doesn't work then I'm off to blog hopping!! That always works!!