Monday, January 11, 2010

~Team B~ Challenge

WOW! Feels like Arctic temperatures here in Pennsylvania... and through out most of the Eastern half of the USA! *brrr!* LOL

I am going to have Team B do a project that is similar to Team A's.... I won't normally do this (so don't "assume" that they will always be the same!) but this one time.... just this once.... we are going to have Team B do the same thing as Team A!

So, you need to use the colors, "Red" "White" and "Pink".... You will need to alter something (and it can be anything!).... You will also need to have the word "love" on it some where!

Be Creative! And don't forget to use your Cricut!!!!
These will be due on 1.24.10


  1. I just bought something today to alter for valentines!!

  2. I have something I have been wanting to alter so this is the perfect challenge! Thanks

  3. I've got it!! It took some looking around because I've vowed to NOT GO SHOPPING. I really need to start using items I have here already.